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Next on the docket HCCA FL REGION Spring Tour 2018 - Brooksville IV
March 1 - 4 will be our next tour.
Rosemary & Milt Rhoorda have graciously agreed to be our hosts once again.
Our destination is Brooksville FL, the "touring roads" capital of the state.
They have bravely chosen a site which we have visited three time before BUT we will have completely new set of places to visit!
Think it is too good to be true? Come join us and see for yourself.

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HCCA FL REGION FALL 2017 TOUR Sarasota FL Jeryl & Alex Huppe

The Gulf Coast History Tour The weather for the fall tour in Sarasota could not have been better: clear, dry, mid-70s, blue skies and a gentle breeze from the Gulf. It was delicious.
Our tour began with a short run to the DeSoto Memorial Park, where we learned of DeSoto’s meandering 4,200 mile exploration of the Southeast, which began on the shoes of a Manatee River. The site is lovely, and the movies on DeSoto’s trip interesting, though at times interrupted by the giggles of schoolchildren, fascinated by depictions of Indians dressed just in loincloths.
We stopped by the Robinson Preserve, an expansive park along the shore, for a bit of refreshment before crossing the bay onto Longboat Key for a long drive along the Gulf. After lunch, we learned about marine life on the Gulf at the famed marine research facility and aquarium, Mote Marine.
Our return to the hotel took us around elegant St. Armand’s Circle, the Ringling Bridge and through the middle of downtown Sarasota. There was little traffc, so our brass tourists could enjoy the sights.
Saturday took us the long way around to the Saxon Motors Garage, where Alex and Jeryl keep their Florida cars, and Jeryl keeps her studio. A drive on the well-landscaped roads through the Palmer Ranch took us to Spanish Point, an historical park that has preserved Florida history from 5,000 years ago to the early 20th century. There is an Indian shell midden (a prehistoric trash pile) so large that you can walk into it. An early settler’s home is preserved, and their boat-building shed, chapel and fruit packing shed have been reconstructed. Well trained docents taught us about the way of life not just of the early settlers, but of the Indians who had lived there many millennia before. At lunch, we held our semi-annual meeting. The drive home included a stop at the new Audubon Center in the Celery Fields, internationally famous to birdwatchers.
On Sunday many of us drove to the Packard Meet at the Kaiser home, and renewed acquaintance with old friends from the car community there.
The tour included 38 members and 18 cars.

(Pictures are being solicited. Please contribute!)

Who We Are
The Horseless Carriage Club of America (HCCA) is a nonprofit group founded in California in the 1930s. An enthusiastic band of Floridians formed our own regional chapter in 1990 and held our first tour in November of that year. We have a minimum of two multi-day weekend tours each year. One in March and one in November. The March tour is the weekend of the first Saturday of the month. The November tour is the weekend of the second Saturday of the month. Our tours are limited to non-modified vehicles with a model year of 1927 or before. These tours offer a wonderful way to enjoy Florida's warmth and sunshine and to see places and things that faster travelers miss.

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HCCA membership is required of all active Florida region touring members. Meetings are held twice a year in conjuction with our spring and fall tours. Prospective members and guests are encouraged to attend.
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